Black Mottled Pekin Bantam Hatching eggs

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Lovely alternative to the solid colour pekins, the mottled are the black and white spotty ones.  The mottling comes through more when the birds have moulted when mature.

I have 3 hens with one cockerel and I will be offering any eggs I can, like all pekins they like to go broody so the eggs will only be available when I can send them fresh for you to have a good success rate.

I hatch any spare eggs we  have of our bantams for customers to take at day old.

Or I can hatch to order for you if you can collect the chicks on the same or following day of hatching.

If you cannot see any  other eggs you would like to buy then please ring me I may have a friend with the type of birds you

are looking for and able to supply the eggs.

Please ring 01452724565 or 07709933064  I will be pleased to answer any questions and help you all I can with your incubation to have a successfull hatch and rearing experience.

Payments accepted over the phone.